Our engineering solutions aim to identify, assess, and implement long-term sustainable solutions for end-of-life challenges and retrofitting projects. We analyze all the risks for a range of assets, from operating assets to those approaching end-of-life, and finally legacy assets. Our experts develop strategies by examining the economic, environmental, and community implications of holding each asset and its associated liabilities, or preparing it for decommissioning or redevelopment.

Engineering Introduction


Hertford’s mechanical solution serve clients in the energy, process and manufacturing industries, specializing in critical high reliability applications where the consequence of failure is catastrophic or extremely costly.


Hertford’s C&I hardware and software solution enable a secured network infrastructure, smart devices for efficient data collection, and converting data into actionable information. This provide tighter integration between devices on the plant floor and the rest of the enterprise.


Hertford’s Electrical business provide customers with products and solutions for power, protection and optimization of industrial application. The industries served include power, utilities, material, mineral, edible oil and manufacturing. Our customers’ key benefits include improved asset productivity, safety, information and energy savings.